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Millfun - Jinmaek 40% Soju

Millfun - Jinmaek 40% Soju

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This traditional Korean spirit provides a whole new experience of rice soju. It’s made from organic wheat with a careful and slow process. Its unique floral aroma requires two years of preparation before it can be bottled and drank. If you’re looking to have a unique experience when drinking, this soju was made for you.

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Tasting notes:

Medium-high nutty floral with a slightly spicy taste.

Brand: Millfun
Size: 750ml / VI, 200ml / VI
ABV: 40.0
Country: South Korea

Additional Product Info

About the Brand

Jinmaek Soju is the true expression of care and dedication due to its careful process that prioritized quality for its customers. At Menge village in Andong, South Korea, artisans and farmers combine their expertise to create their hand-crafted soju. It has been fermented with organic whole wheat by using traditional distilling processes, selecting the best field to grow wheat, sowing, harvesting, processing the grains and aging the alcohol in caves for over a year.

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Guaranteed Quality

Jinmaek strives to bring its customers the best quality soju with a unique flavor. The low-temperature fermentation produces a full-bodied fragrance and taste of the organic wheat. All wheat used is certified organic and harvested by Millfun Corp. Each sip of this drink is guaranteed pleasure from the brand to its customers.

How to Drink

Try this very special soju with your favorite Asian food!

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