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Shinpyeong Brewery

Shinpyeong Brewery - White Lotus Makgeolli (Misty)

Shinpyeong Brewery - White Lotus Makgeolli (Misty)

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This brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Korea. Since 1933, this brewery has been making makgeolli brewed with locally grown rice and lotus leaves.

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Tasting notes:

A delightfully balanced blend of White Lotus that offers subtle notes of delicate floral aromas. A hint of nutty tones to leave you feeling refreshed.

Brand: Shinpyeong Brewery
Size: 375ml / VI, 375 ml / VI
ABV: 7.0
Country: South Korea

Additional Product Info

About the Brand

For over 80 years, the Sinpyeong Brewery in Dangjin has been producing high-quality alcoholic beverages that are well-known for their robust flavor. Their drinks have even earned a mark of distinction - they have been served at several Cheong Wa Dae dinners since 2009.

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What is Makgeolli

Industry analysts have analyzed that makgeolli undergoes a process similar to green tea, in which heat and drying lotus leaves is followed by yeast-maturing. This particular procedure results in a delightful and attractive appearance for the drink. Overall, makgeolli is a traditional Korean beverage that has a unique taste and health benefits. Its production process and history make it an essential symbol of Korean culture, and its growth in popularity worldwide serves as a testament to its appeal as a unique and refreshing alcoholic beverage.

How to drink it

A Porcelain cup is an ideal vessel for serving this Makgeolli. Furthermore, storing it in a kimchi refrigerator can help to enhance its aging process. Enjoy responsibly!

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